Filmmaking is usually the undertaking of a writer/director. Thanks to SAG-AFTRA making it easier for actors to create their own work, Jasmine became a co-producer on the short film "Stronger", alongside her co-star, Juliet O'Brien. The two actors had originally performed August Strindberg's "The Stronger" as part of a scene in their acting class.

Years later, they met up again and hired a director, a prominent screenwriter, a film crew, and enlisted the help of friends to make it happen. After a successful fundraiser, Juliet and Jasmine were able to submit their film to various film festivals and events. Jasmine had the opportunity to speak on a panel at the East Lansing Film Festival regarding the importance of actors creating their own work.

After attending a number of film festivals and speaking to very talented writers creating their own work, Jasmine was inspired to write. She currently has a number of projects in development and has been honing her skills, taking classes at Primary Stages.

Jasmine recently attended a writer's retreat in Montana. 

Her monologue, "The Hypothesis" was performed at the Kraine Theater in NYC and is part of a monologue anthology called

Jasmine hopes to take the projects through the process of development as part of her trusted partnership with The Playground Experiment, a talented group of actors and playwrights creating new works.

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