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Filmmaking is usually the undertaking of a writer/director. Thanks to SAG-AFTRA making it easier for actors to create their own work, Jasmine became a co-producer on the short film "Stronger", alongside her co-star, Juliet O'Brien. The two actors had originally performed August Strindberg's "The Stronger" as part of a scene in their acting class.

Years later, they met up again and hired a director, a prominent screenwriter, a film crew, and enlisted the help of friends to make it happen. After a successful fundraiser, Juliet and Jasmine were able to submit their film to various film festivals and events.


"Stronger" debuted at the Maryland International Film Festival, one of the top film festivals in the US. It also made its NYC debut as part of the New Filmmakers New York. The film also appeared as part of the Newark Film Festival and was featured as part of a NYC Film Showcase for SOCAL Clips Indie Film Festival. "Stronger" made its Midwestern debut as part of the East Lansing Film Festival, where Jasmine had the opportunity to speak on a panel regarding the importance of actors creating their own work.

Jasmine also writes and produces corporate videos.

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