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Jasmine came to New York to attend the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. She has studied with top voice professionals in the business, including Wendy Sharp and Dr. Brian Gill. Vocally, her voice loves to live in works from the Golden Age of musical theatre. Jasmine also sings classically in various concerts and events. Jasmine has lent her voice to many professional recordings, including a song for peace with Broadway stars from "Spring Awakening" and "Rent". Favorite ensembles include the Choir for All Seasons and regular appearances through Cobblestone Entertainment.

JAF Horns.png


Jasmine studied French Horn with Ken DeVoe, a professional studio musician, who also trained her to play the trumpet. With his support and guidance, She was able to work closely with top conductors and ensembles as a young musician (She has played as part of both the orchestra and wind ensembles of the nationally recognized WSMA Honors Music Project) and as an adult. Favorite appearances as a brass musician include playing French Horn as as part of a guest ensemble with the Dallas Brass and playing the trumpet with a regional production of "Chicago: The Musical".

Silly Ukulele.jpg


Jasmine has also taken up playing ukulele in her spare time. After receiving a beautiful Lanikai ukulele for her birthday, four days later, she had her first public performance playing the instrument and has been enjoying the journey ever since.

Venezuelan Folk Songs_edited.jpg


As part of "Actors with Accents", a Venezuelan friend persuaded Jasmine to try her hand at singing in a language and in a style that she had never tried before. After bravely attempting "La Vaca Mariposa", she has made many appearances through the concert series and has found a fond appreciation for Venezuelan folk song. 

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