Jasmine Spiess 

Actor / Singer / Musician / Playwright / Renaissance Woman



  • Jasmine's full length play, On Any Given Day in America..., has been selected as one of the top submissions and will be workshopped on June 14th as part of the prestigious Valdez Theatre Conference from June 11th-June 19th. Along with this play, Jasmine has also submitted short pieces to the Valdez Fringe and two monologues for the Monologue Workshop. There is a possibility she will also be featured as an actress as part of the week's festivities!

  • New Ambassadors Theatre Company produced Jasmine's short play, "Standing Up", in March as part of their Heartbroke Festival! It featured Carla Briscoe and Perryn Pomatto, with Mandy Murphy directing!

  • In grand theatrical fashion, Jasmine got the surprise of her life when John Wen wrote and performed a monologue for The Playground Experiment's annual Holiday Monologue Grab Bag... (He's a "theatre civilian") - Which turned  out to be a proposal! If you want to see her engagement, it's at 37:55 of this video.

  • Right before the pandemic, Jasmine appeared as Phoebe Buffay on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in the "What's Behind Me?" game, featuring Selma Hayek. See it HERE!

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Jasmine Spiess 

NYC - Based Performer



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